Nameer Kirma

Mr. Kirma has been practicing T’ai Chi Ch’uan since 1994, starting at the well renowned T’ai Chi Ch’uan Atlanta with Master Herb Goldberg, student of Master Li Shu-Pak of the Yang Cheng Fu/Chen Wei Ming lineage. Mr. Kirma opened Good Spirit T’ai Chi Ch’uan school soon after moving to San Antonio, Texas in 2005. He has had the fortune of training over the years with internationally renowned grand masters of T’ai Chi Ch’uan. Mr. Kirma focuses on the martial arts and self-defense aspects of T’ai Chi Ch’uan, health benefits, as well as Chi Kung and meditation. Training in this internal martial art includes Yang Style Traditional form; push-hands; martial applications of the form movements including counter-attacks, takedowns, joint locks (Chin-Na); striking-push-hands; sword form and staff fa-jing training. Mr. Kirma is the co-founder of the Martial Arts Wellness Group. 210-259-7095 FB: @GoodspiritTaiChi

Shifu Shi Xing Wei

My study of the martial arts began at the age of three.  Growing up, I continued to explore various systems of martial arts. I first began teaching at sixteen years when my teacher at the time left the country. I had fallen so in love with  martial arts that I rallied the students and began teaching until the Grandmaster found a new teacher. The experience of teaching awoke something in me even deeper in in regards to my passion for the martial arts. For a total of twenty-three years,  I haved trained in and explored the following systems: Taekwondo (5 years), Muay Thai/Muay Boran (2 years), Taiji (3 years), Kajukenbo (2 years), Capoeira (7 years), Filipino martial arts (5 years), Western boxing (2 years), and lastly Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu (20 years). In 2007, I received my discipleship of 32nd Generation of the monastery name Shi Xing Wei from Grandmaster Shi De Shan, a 31st Generation monk of the Shaolin monastery. I continue to teach and expand my horizons, and now I am the co-founder of the Martial Arts Wellness Group at 311 Spencer Lane in San Antonio, TX. 210-995-6235  FB: @SAShaolinKungfu

Mr. Malik J. ( jiao lian)

 Malik has trained for over 17 years in Traditional Shao Lin Kung Fu, conditioning, free sparring (San da) and weapons. He is currently training under Shifu Shi Xing Wei, disciple of Grandmaster Shi De Shan 31st Generation Monk of Shao Lin Temple. He also trains T’ai Chi Ch’uan under Shifu Kirma. He brings an enthusiastic and energetic atmosphere to conditioning and learning self-defense.

Kyoshi Shihan Gadier Hein Garcia

Gadier Hein Garcia, 6th Degree Kenseido, is one of only a hand full of Kenseido Shihan’s in the United States. Shihan Gadier has been studying and training in martial arts, meditation and Eastern way of life for over 35 years. Shihan Gadier has also studied and trained in Kenseikai, Kenshindo, Aikido, Ninjutsu, Kendo, and MMA. Shihan Gadier earned a BA in Psychology in 1995 from The University of Texas at San Antonio. 210-535-3450.

Cheryl LaPlante

Cheryl LaPlante Yoga is a certified yoga teacher and a graduate of the Esther Vexler Yoga school in San Antonio, Texas. Her 20 years of yoga practice, and first-hand experience in the benefits of yoga, have inspired her to share the joy of yoga with others. Her study and practice of Chi Kung complements her Yoga practice and teaching.

Bring Chi, Love and Prana to your Saturday with a fun yoga class with Cheryl. Classes are designed to challenge your body, nourish your spirit and refresh your mind! You will find balanced yoga practice infusing chi (breath and energy) flow exercises based on chi kung and T’ai Chi. 

Martial Arts and Self-defense Training and Enhancing Your Wellbeing is Our Mission

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